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Dredger Hose Series
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  • Suction Dredging Hose
  • Suction Dredging Hose Characteristics of Suction Dredging Hose: Featuring resistance to high pressure, seawater, bending and strong abrasion,this suction dredging hose is used for sediment absorption along with dredging ...
  • Discharge Dredging Hose
  • Discharge Dredging Hose Characteristics of Discharge Dredging Hose: Discharge dredging hose is used to transport sediments along with dredging boats. Featuring resistance to high pressure, seawater, bending and high abrasion, discharge ...
  • Self-floating Hose
  • Self-floating Hose Characteristics of Self-floating Hose: Self-floating hose applies to dredging pipeline subject to impacting from huge waves, with low center of gravity, small impact and the proportion, reasonable structure design, easy ...
  • Rubber Expansion Joint
  • Rubber Expansion Joint Characteristics of Rubber Expansion Joint: Rubber expansion joint is installed in the connections for cabin, dredging pipeline, to facilitate removal and installation, as well as to damp vibration and reduce noise ...
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