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Common Rubber Sheet
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Common Rubber Sheet

Common rubber sheet --NR rubber sheet, NBR rubber sheet, CR rubber sheet, EPDM rubber sheet and silicon rubber sheet. We can provide different types of rubber sheet for your demands.

Description of common rubber sheet:

Color: Black, red, green or other color to be customized at user's request.

Specific Weight: 1.4~1.8.

Specification: Length (1~50) m * Width (1~1.5)m * Thickness(1~80)mm (or could be customized at user's request).

Characteristics of common rubber sheet:

1. Made from high breaking strength silicon rubber piece.

2. Excellent oil-resistance.

3. Resistance to corrosion and aging.

4. Odorless, non-toxicity and good flexibility.

5. Good sealing properties.

Applications of common rubber sheet:

1. Suitable for oil medium.

2. Chemical industry and mechanical industry.

3. Used for cushion oil seal, seal.

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